Scope of Our Air Ambulance Services

Critical Care Medflight (CCM) provides care during transport for all patient conditions. CCM provides skilled critical care Registered Nurses, critical care Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists. Every transport is screened by our clinical leadership team to ensure that we are sending the most qualified medical staff for the transport. Our medical director provides physician-level oversight to all medical care. On average our clinicians have over 3 years of experience in their specialty and in a patient transport setting. Specialty areas include EMS, ED, Adult ICU, and Pediatric ICU. CCM also has developed specialty care transport teams for specific patients. Special Teams include: Burn Care Team, Neurological Care Team, and Pediatric Care Team. Each of these teams include a Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, or Paramedic with additional training and experience as well as additional continuing education requirements.

New employees receive advanced training in aviation and medical safety, flight physiology, human factors, critical care management, and emergency care management. All medical staff receives initial and recurrent training to verify skill and equipment competency.

Competencies include: advanced airway management, intubation, chest tube management, invasive pressure monitoring, cardiac pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation, pharmacology, and other critical care and emergency skills.

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