Choosing An Air Ambulance Service

Choosing an air ambulance service can be overwhelming. Please keep these three factors in mind when determining who you should choose to transport your loved one.

  • Make certain that the company that you choose to transport your loved one has a FAA Part 135 certificate in their company name. It is always a good idea to ask to see this certificate. Having this ensures complete operational control throughout the entire flight. Critical Care Medflight owns, operates, and maintains their entire fleet of air ambulance aircraft.
  • When obtaining price quotations be very specific about the type of aircraft that will be used for transport. Be certain to ask for aircraft tail numbers when securing your transport. You would hate to pay for a jet and end up in a small unpressurized propeller aircraft.
  • In this industry experience is everything. It is important to take into consideration how many years an air ambulance company has been in business. Critical Care Medflight has been safely and routinely transporting patients since 1985.

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